Posted in caught, wrought by juliobesq on September 25, 2008

Cycling back along the canal. Ranged across the path in front of me are a group of young men dressed in black with wide black hats. I realise they are in the garb of their religion, but seen from the back they appear as the last gang in town, long riders from the bygone wild west.

It was inspiration from a few old photos that started me writing microfiction, since then there has been a conscious decision to take only pictures that suggest stories, or scenes from stories. Verité style. I have been reading up on “decisive moments” and mise-en-scene. Shooting from hip, literally, to grab candid portraiture.

I think what a great image these crow-like men would make. If I had my camera. 

I cycle past. I realise that I have a mobile phone tucked away in my pocket. A decisive moment. I stop, dismount, turn back, start to pull out my camera.

He is watching me, poised, reading my intentions. His camera already in hand, casual but cocked, ready, loaded. His look still of bemused tolerance as we face each other on the tow path.

I raise my camera slowly, keeping eye contact. Take the shot.

He stands unfazed, holding his poise, his shadow long as I ride off.

My first direct engagement.

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