peachy coochy the return

Posted in sought by juliobesq on September 11, 2008

it’s back, book your tickets; the bar doesn’t hold many and it’s an evening worth catching…

David Gale’s Peachy Coochy Nites

Just a projector and 20 images. Just 20 seconds per image. Just Peachy!

David Gale’s irrepressible Peachy Coochy Nites return for another season in the Arts Bar & Café. Following a crowd-crushing first season in which dozens ofcoocheurs (see below) displayed poise, ingenuity, disdain, selfishness, charm and an intense desire for personal development, the merciless Peachy Coochyformat will be imposed on a fresh succession of showoffs on a monthly basis.

This is Peachy Coochy:

The projector projects 20 images for precisely 20 seconds each. The coocheur (or Presenter) speaks for precisely twenty seconds per image. Randomness is discouraged but narrative linearity is not automatically esteemed.

Book tickets at

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