Posted in wrought by juliobesq on August 1, 2008

six sentences have published one of my short stories. thank you six sentences.


microfiction are very short stories under 100 words in length. flash fiction according to wikipedia is 250 to 1000 words long. six sentences aren’t wordist about things, just as long as it’s…

it is perhaps my favourite site of the ilk. a daily dose of literary loveliness can be yours by bookmarking:

(robert mcevily, if you are reading this, can you arrange for amazon uk to stock the book please?)

if six sentences sounds a little liberal and bohemian with it’s lack of word count, try these genres:

55 fiction (yes… 55 words or less)

a drabble (exactly 100 words long)

the 69er (exactly 69 words, careful when googling)

note that titles don’t count.

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