giant puppet invasion

Posted in sought by juliobesq on July 30, 2008

in may 2006 royal de luxe performed “the sultan’s elephant” through the streets of london. the show featuring a giant wooden puppet girl and a 42-ton mechanical time traveling elephant, and without recourse to hyperbole, the event can only be described as “wondrous”. the company’s founder jean luc courcoult says his aim is “to bring out the child in every adult”, to which the sight of tens of thousands of people grinning inanely including the police presence can only testify.

artichoke, the arts group who brought the show to London are staging a new event “les mecaniques savants” on the 5th to the 7th of  september in liverpool. although not officially billed as a Royal de Luxe performance it is likely to be very similar. the theatre company performing it, company la machine, is run by françois delarozière – the man who designed and built the giant elephant.

a message on the royal de luxe central flickr group reads…

For the past eighteen months, we’ve been working on creating a spectacular new commission for Liverpool 08 – a show on the same scale as The Sultan’s Elephant. The event comes to fruition in September when Francois Delarozière and his company La Machine will invade the streets and public places of Liverpool. An unmissable piece of free theatre will unfold against the landmarks of this great city, stopping the traffic and captivating everyone who sees it. The precise details are a still a closely guarded secret, but prepare to be astonished by a show that will make you believe in the impossible…

indeed, prepare to be astounded and delighted. i would post links to photos of their performances but they ask…

If you never saw an event by Royal de Luxe, Gran Reyneta or La Machine then first check them out live and look to the photo’s / info afterwards. 
Let the surprise be with you !

instead sign yourself up to the mailing list at and clear your diary. see you in liverpool.

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