unintentional truths

Posted in caught by juliobesq on July 11, 2008

© 2003 Pharmacopoeia

feeling ill, surfing for vacuous relief, finding amongst the fashionista swipes in the online version of vice magazine’s dos and don’ts, nuggets of homespun observation. out of context from the accompanying photos becoming poignant celebrations of life’s ephemera…

From now on, whenever you hear James Brown yell, “Brothers and sisters!” you have to imagine all those great times you had with your sister, between fights, like the time your mom tried to turn off the record but she couldn’t do it right and ended up making a “zipzezipzipzip” scratch and you two were all, “Hey, it’s DJ Mom, hollah!” which made her even more furious

…like fictional versions of the photograph captions within the wonderful “cradle to grave” by pharmacopoeia, shown in the british museum wellcome gallery. a lunch hour anecdote to work desk existence. an affirmation to live life more.

image © 2003 Pharmacopoeia

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