learning to love aversions

Posted in brought, thought by juliobesq on July 5, 2008

[1.] in ‘101 experiments in the philosophy of everyday life’, the author roger-pol droit instructs us, in exercise number 59, to “get used to eating something you don’t like”. often we see our tastes as a badge of personality; stating that you don’t like something is said with a certain hint of pride. implying there is a ‘rightness’ in not enjoying it, where surely it is a restraint in experiencing the whole of the world.

[2.] jeffery steingarten recalls in his introduction to “the man who ate everything” his decision to overcome all food aversions when being appointed restaurant critic for vogue magazine. in particular kimchi. his methodology is based upon upon the notion “most babies will accept nearly anything after eight or ten tries”. there is no scientific research quoted for this assumption, but it offers an in-built limit to learning to love a hated taste, 10 attempts a reachable goal.

read jeffery steingarten’s introduction at slate magazine

[3.] three detested drinks in 1999: gin; campari; martini

[4.] the negroni

equal measures:
campari, a particular brand of a drink known as ‘bitters’
gin, the best should be used here, ‘hendricks’ is recommended
red martini, a type of vermouth (noilly prat could be subsituted)
served in an old fashioned glass, that’s a tumbler not an antique
over ice, garnished with a twist of orange peel 

the majority of cocktails resemble a liquid bag of sweets. this is not the case here. alluding sophistication with it’s rich red limpidity. created in 1919 at caffè giacosa, florence, when count camillo negroni requested the barman fosco scarselli add gin to his ‘americano’, a popular cocktail of the time.

[5.] nominate a disliked beverage or food stuff. experience liberation.

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  1. Von Riesling said, on July 21, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    Negroni’s taste like the forehead sweat of an enraged Orangutan.

  2. atom said, on July 23, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    I wanna meet that Orangutan.

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