book publishing via social networking

Posted in caught, thought by juliobesq on July 4, 2008

lunched with raconteur and artist michael atavar, who has been exploring the publication and distribution of books via e-casting, new media and social networking models. he has been in discussion with several companies over his forthcoming book, and proposed some intriguing ideas. a follow-up email included a link to, this article is particularly thought-provoking

dailylit experiments with public reading via twitter

twitter’s 140 character limit creates interesting boundaries on what could work: microfiction and poetry, tutorials, without slipping into thought-of-the-day affirmations.

dxn magazine is a free publication featuring short stories and non-fiction, it uses myspace as it’s only point of contact

futureofthebook mentions, a site where for $3.68 the book of your choice is sent in bite sized installments by email and rss. including iphones. michael proposed publishing microfiction as mobile txts for 20p a punt. the advent of the iphone and increasing popularity of smart phones with their larger and anti-aliased screens makes this a viable idea.

is 20p a good target price? how would you choose a story given the challenge to precis microfiction without revealing the content? is a subscription service a better model? would having the “editions” archived in a personalised rss feed make the perception of a “real” publication more tangible?

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  1. uohaa said, on July 28, 2008 at 2:57 am

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    It was very nice to see this great article talking about Community!

  2. Matchbook fiction « sybawrite said, on January 12, 2010 at 3:34 am

    […] I first mentioned using social media feeds like Twitter to publish fiction or poetry the standard practice was to […]

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