emotion 2.0

Posted in caught by juliobesq on June 29, 2008

the internet is not the best place to look for emotion. the every-place kind overheard at bus stops, cafes, cinema queues. conversations that lean towards the confessional.

social networking sites layer a virtual veneer across physical strangers, blogs add a carefully constructed mask; projecting idealised selves (yes, here too).

against this jadedness a jewel can shine through – twitter is a social app allowing friends to update each other on their microcosms. somewhere between the mobile’s “i’m on the bus” and bragging.

in twistori, amy hoy and thomas fuchs plunder twitter, snatching posts containing emotive words: love; hate; think; believe; feel; wish. scrolling these unrelated missives across the monitor. reading like a meta-soap opera, glimpsing life behind the screen.

if these fragments were to be deliberately written for twistori, would it create the same raw sense of honesty found in this collage of disparate eavesdroppings?

dear amy and thomas, please create a screen-saver, the studio needs more windows, if there can’t be more facing outside…

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